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  1. [Moved Online] Introductory Workshop: Mathematical problems in fluid dynamics

    Organizers: Nicolas Burq (Universit√© de Paris XI), Anne-Laure Dalibard (Universit√© de Paris VI (Pierre et Marie Curie)), Jean Marc Delort (Universit√© de Paris XIII (Paris-Nord)), LEAD Mihaela Ifrim (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Irena Lasiecka (University of Memphis), Vladimir Sverak (University of Minnesota Twin Cities)
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    This workshop will be held online.  The Zoom link will be provided at a later time. You must register for the workshop to receive the password.  The workshop is held in Pacific Standard Time.

    The workshop will address topics in the PDE analysis of the basic equations of the incompressible fluid dynamics (the Euler equations for inviscid flows, the Navier Stokes equations for viscous flows), interface problems (water waves), and other related equations. Open problems and connections to related branches of mathematics will be discussed, including the phenomena of turbulence and the zero viscosity limit. Both theoretical and numerical aspects of these topics will be considered. There will be some colloquium style lectures as well as shorter research talks. The workshop is open to all.

    Updated on Dec 14, 2020 09:34 AM PST